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Oct 25, 2005
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Spokesman for the Iraqi Communist Party, Nuri Al-Muradi, Attacks Saudi Foreign Minister over Arab League's Iraq Initiative

#911 | 02:14
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Nuri Al-Muradi, spokesman for the Iraqi Communist Party, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on October 25, 2005.

Nuri Al-Muradi: I ask my dear brother (Saudi Foreign Minister) Saud Al-Feysal to pray for me at his new Ka'ba in Los Angeles. He's probably practicing there on the American beauties, so that when he goes to Paradise he'll have enough experience.


There's a committee called "The Committee of the Elders of Iraq." It has written protocols that are completely in line with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


Of course this Saud Al-Feysal, who now portrays himself as the greatest defender of the Arab cause, is, in fact, a liar, and so is his brother Salman, I'm sad to say. In addition, he is one of Iraq's most bitter enemies, and he lives off the Iraqi problem. He is one of the most hostile icons of the occupation of Iraq and the region.

If this man was honest, he would at least refrain from sending purified and perfumed water to the American forces. This is one thing...

Interviewer: Who does? Who?

Nuri Al-Muradi: He does! He runs the Jbeil distillation plant. What's wrong with you?


I have been following 'Amr Musa's activities, and I am sad to say that he is like a drunk out of touch with reality. Otherwise, he would have remembered that exactly a year ago, the Sharm Al-Sheikh conference was held, with the same characteristics and the same content, yet it was thrown into the garbage. If he had any sense, he would know that the Arab League is worth nothing when it comes to international politics, as well as Arab politics. Second, in 1990, a bribe of a mere five million dollars was sufficient to ratify the invasion of Iraq...

Interviewer: Who bribed who?

Egyptian journalist Magdi Al-Daqaq: Where did you get this information? Do you have exclusive sources in Stockholm and in Sweden?

Nuri Al-Muradi: Yes, and I take full responsibility for what I say on live television and 'Ismat 'Abd Al-Majid can sue me.


We have a legitimate president who was arrested by the occupation forces, and they are now putting him on trial.

Magdi Al-Daqaq: Are you referring to Saddam Hussein?

Nuri Al-Muradi: Yes, yes! He is now being tried by a sectarian court – presided over by a Kurd and whose general prosecutor is a Shiite.


Al-Zarqawi is more honorable than these traitors - I say this on Al-Jazeera TV and before the entire world – as long as he's fighting the occupation. I support those who fight the occupation, and the armed liberation of Iraq.

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