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Jun 02, 2018
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Durban Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer in a BDS Event: Apartheid Israel Will Tumble into Dust

#6720 | 03:24
Source: The Internet - "BDS South Africa on YouTube"

Fawzia Peer, deputy mayor of Durban, South Africa, said that the "collective power of ordinary people" would "bring apartheid Israel… tumbling into dust." Calling U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley a "shameless woman," she said that "if there is no two-state solution, the only solution is a one-state solution." Councilor Peer made the remarks at the June 2 Durban’s Palestine March, organized by a coalition of organizations under the banner of "People Against Oppression." Her address was posted on YouTube by BDS South Africa on June 2.

The following are excerpts:


Councilor Fawzia Peer: Ordinary people like you and me, artists and academics, boycotted apartheid South Africa. Some governments, especially in the so-called West, called those who resisted this crime against humanity as terrorists. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher called Mandela a terrorist, but 40 years of racism came to an end and tumbled into dust. Today, the Palestinians are called terrorists in Washington, Israelis the victim, says the shameless woman Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Shameless, she is. So, my dear comrades, take heart from this, it doesn't matter that [the] apartheid army was the strongest on the continent, it is the collective power of ordinary people marching all over the world that will also eventually bring apartheid Israel, with its fourth strongest army, tumbling into the dust, Allah willing.


Apartheid Israel sold the fraudulent so-called peace process with the promise of a state for the Palestinians on 22 percent of historic Palestine. Yes, 22 percent. It was a fraud, a big lie, to get the Palestinians to disarm and give up their resistance.


So if there is no two-state solution, then the only solution is a one state solution, do we agree?

Crowd: Yes!

Fawzia Peer:  Say it again!

Crowd: Yes!

Fawzia Peer: The South African solution.


Say "no" to the racist, colonialist project of Zionism.


We shall overcome, Allah willing. Power!

Crowd: To us!

Fawzia Peer: Viva Palestine, viva!

Crowd: Viva!

Fawzia Peer: Palestine, we feel your pain. Power!


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