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May 15, 2018
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South African Politician Tony Ehrenreich at BDS March Calls to Expel Israeli Ambassador, Investigate SA Jewish Board of Deputies, Supporters of Israel Have No Place in SA

#6724 | 01:28
Source: The Internet - "BDS South Africa on YouTube"

South African trade unionist Tony Ehrenreich called to "kick out" the Israeli ambassador to South Africa, close the harbors to any Israeli product, and investigate the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, saying that anybody who condones what is happening in Palestine has no place in South Africa.  Ehrenreich, who serves as a Cape Town councilor and as provincial secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, made the statements at the South African March for Palestine & Against Israeli Apartheid in Cape Town on May 15. The South African ambassador to Israel was recalled to Pretoria in May following the violence in Gaza. In 2014, the SA Jewish Board of Deputies accused Tony Ehrenreich of hate speech and incitement to violence after a Facebook post in which he called for "an eye for an eye" against them if any woman or child is killed in Gaza.

The following are excerpts:


South African Trade Unionist Tony Ehrenreich: Power!

Crowd: To us!

Tony Ehrenreich: Down with the racist state of Israel, down!

Crowd: Down!




Tony Ehrenreich: We come here today to say that the time has come for us to fight for the freedom of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and that fight will take the form of closing all the harbors of our country to any products that come from Israel.




Our hearts are with the Palestinian people, so it's right that we endure the ambassador from Israel, but we must kick out the Israeli ambassador from South Africa so that they know what we're talking about




And if there is anybody in SA that wants to condone what's happening in pal, there's no place for them in our country, so we must tell our government that they must investigate the Jewish Board of Deputies who continue to justify the atrocities in Palestine. We will not be quiet in our country while anybody in our borders tries to speak in defense of the murder of our people.



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