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Jun 05, 2019
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Cape Town Eid Al-Fitr Sermon by Imam Abdurahman Alexander: Zionism Is a World Cancer, Israel Is a Rogue State; Hamas and Fatah Must Unite

#7290 | 02:40
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjidul Quds on YouTube"

Sheikh Abdurahman Alexander, the co-Imam of Masjidul Quds in Cape Town, South Africa, said in an Eid Al-Fitr sermon that was streamed live on Masjidul Quds' YouTube channel on June 5, 2019 that there is "no such thing" as the State of Israel and that Israel is an illegitimate rogue state. He urged his audience to "send their voices" to Palestine and to tell Fatah and Hamas to "come to their senses" and leave their political differences aside. Sheikh Alexander prayed for Allah to grant liberation to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians, and, addressing U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, he said: "As powerful as you think you are... your time is near... You will also go six feet [under]." Sheikh Alexander added that Zionism is a "world cancer" that is going to "consume the entire world" and that is the major threat in the world today. For more from Sheikh Alexander, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 6948.

Abdurahman Alexander: "There is no such thing as a 'State of Israel.' Israel is a rogue state. Israel is an illegitimate state.


"We need to send our voice to Palestine and tell Fatah and Hamas: 'It is time that you come to your senses. Leave aside your political differences; Leave aside your striving for domination and power, and take into consideration the desperate condition of the whole of the Palestinian people.' And we pray to Allah Almighty, in the sacred hour of Eid Al-Fitr. This morning we pray to Allah: Oh Allah, grant liberation to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Allah grant liberation to the people of Palestine.


"With all this turmoil going on, there are heavy drums of war beating against Iran, stemming from the so-called superpower of the United States of America... Come to your senses. All the power that you strive for, and as powerful as you think you are...


"Donald Trump and every despot and tyrant of the world, and Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, and your ilk and kind – your time is near.


"You will also go six feet down.


"As Apartheid was a cancer here, Zionism is a world cancer, and it is going to consume the entire world.


"As a united front, we will be able to face not only Zionism – which I see as the major threat in the world today – but also to face all our challenges."

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