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Sep 27, 2019
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Cape Town Friday Sermon by Activist Cassiem Khan Following Royal Visit to Local Mosque: Prince Harry Is an Enemy Combatant

#7525 | 01:09
Source: The Internet - "Masjidul Quds on YouTube"

In a September 27, 2019 speech at Masjidul Quds in Cape Town, South Africa, Cassiem Khan, the founder of the Imam Abdul Haron Foundation, criticized Muslims who "prefer to eat koeksisters and samosas" with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, whose recent visit to South Africa included a visit to a Cape Town mosque. Khan said that people should not forget that Harry and Meghan still benefit from the "ill-gotten wealth of British colonialism" and that Prince Harry is an "enemy combatant" because he had fought against Muslims in Afghanistan.

Following are excerpts:


Cassiem Khan: Some Muslims in Cape Town preferred on this Heritage Day to eat koeksisters and samosas with British royalty on Heritage Day. Let us not forget that Harry and Meghan still benefit from the ill-gotten wealth of British colonialism.




Many of us feel very saddened by the state of the Muslim world today and by how we are constantly under attack. Let me tell you that Harry, who you saw in the newspapers and who walked in Bo-Kaap and stood in our own mosque – that Harry is an enemy combatant soldier, who served in the British Army in Afghanistan, and he engaged in combat. I want us to remember that. So if any of us wants to believe that Harry went to Afghanistan to eat koeksisters and samosas, he must have his head read.

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