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Nov 17, 2010
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Sonja Al-Rassi, Daughter of Former Lebanese President Suleiman Franjieh: The Pope Should Not Have Absolved the Jews of the Blood of Christ; Germany, Not the Arabs, Should Pay the Price for the Holocaust

#2715 | 01:51
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Sonja Al-Rassi, daughter of former Lebanese president Suleiman Franjieh, which aired on NBN TV on November 17, 2010:

Sonja Al-Rassi: The Israelis are the enemies of our forefathers. I don't know why the Pope absolved them, but they are the ones who crucified Christ.


Interviewer: Christianity strives for peace. Maybe that was the reason.

Sonja Al-Rassi: But he should not have absolved them of the blood of Christ. Who killed Christ? Me? It was not the Romans who killed him. It was the Jews.


Israel has less and less money. If we keep on [the pressure], and if God is with us, [Israel] will cease to exist.

Interviewer: This is what you believe in?

Sonja Al-Rassi: This is my belief and my conviction.


If Germany made a mistake and carried out the Holocaust, it should take [the Jews] to Germany. Don't bring me all these Russian leftovers, the most insignificant people, put them here and call it the State of Israel. Why did you bring them over here? They don't speak a word of Arabic. If Europe has wronged them, take them to Europe. Let Germany pay the price, not the Arabs. What have the Arabs got to do with this story?


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