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Jul 25, 2014
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Son of Mahmoud Abbas Criticizes Obama, Compares Israel to Nazis

#4372 | 04:08
Source: Palestinian Authority TVThe Internet

Yasser Abbas, son of the Palestinian president, was interviewed while donating "for the martyrs" of Gaza. During the interview, he criticized U.S. President Obama and said that "even the Nazis would have been ashamed" to act like the Israeli army. In addition, he and his son Nader said that they would return to Safed. Only part of the interview was broadcast on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel on July 25, 2014, but the entire interview was posted later on the Internet.

Following are excerpts:

TV host in studio: President Mahmoud Abbas' two sons, Yasser and Tareq, donated blood for the martyrs of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, at the Palestine Medical Center.


President Abbas' son Yasser gave the following statement.


Yasser Abbas: My message to the people of Gaza is: We are with you. We may not be experiencing the bombings and the criminal killings as you are, but we stand behind you. You are fighting, and we stand behind you. You have made great sacrifices. You have paid a heavy price in blood. This bloodshed must be stopped.


Posted on the Internet on July 27, 2014:

Yasser Abbas: We share the interest of stopping the bloodshed. The 830 martyrs we have had so far – and I hope there won't be any more – equal in proportion to 110,000 of the American population. Is Obama capable of tolerating such a massacre?! When he had 3,000 casualties at the World Trade Center, he started a war against Iraq. This was in the days of… George Bush.


Whenever [Israel] strikes, he declares that Israel has a right to defend itself. Well, this Iron Dome they've got should be enough for this.

You strike with tanks, airplanes, F-16s and Apache helicopters, and bring down whole buildings with peaceful people inside. What kind of crime is this? Brother, even the Nazis would have been ashamed to act like this. Even the Nazis didn't do such things. This is a Nazi army.


The message to the army, to the occupation, is that we will not be silent. I hope that they have understood the message. We sacrificed five or six martyrs yesterday [in the West Bank].


[Netanyahu] was hoping to wait until the first generation of the Nakba perishes. He was hoping that we would forget the refugee problem. I have only one word for him… Nader, my dear, where are we from?

Nader Abbas, son of Yasser Abbas: From Safed, Palestine.

Yasser Abbas: From where?

Nader Abbas: From Safed, Palestine.

Yasser Abbas: To where will we return?

Nader Abbas: To Safed, Palestine.

Yasser Abbas: Thank you. This is the third generation to the Nakba. Netanyahu should know that he can negotiate with us until 2020, 2030, 2050… Time is on our side. The first generation is still here, but he is waiting until it's gone. Fine, we are here, and the third generation is right behind us. Soon he will not find anyone to negotiate with over the two-state solution.

Interviewer: So the old bequeath the rights and the history to the young, in contrast to what Ben Gurion said: The old die and the young forget."

Yasser Abbas: He, his ilk, and his descendants are delusional. They are dreaming. We shall never forget. Impossible.

If today, the old among us talk about a two-state solution, tomorrow we may accept a single-state solution only, and we will insist that it be the State of Palestine. [Netanyahu] doesn't understand. He thinks that we will forget. We will not forget. We will only become more extremist. Soon we will be demanding a united Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.


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