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Feb 06, 2024
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Houthis Use Corporal Punishment Against Yemenis For Committing 'Immoral Acts'; Dozens Flogged And Stoned; 13 University Students Sentenced To Death; Children's Heads Shaved For Having 'Western Hairstyles'

#10883 | 01:50
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Sky News Arabia (UAE) aired a report on corporal punishment in areas under Houthi control on February 6, 2024. The Sky News Arabia correspondent said that the Houthis are "terrorizing the people" and that they are imposing their beliefs that were "imported from Iran." According to the report, a Houthi uniformed policeman administered sentences of flogging and stoning against 32 citizens accused of committing "immoral acts." In addition, a Houthi court sentenced 13 students from the Ibb University to death, 13 others to flogging, and three students to prison sentences. The report continues to show young Yemeni boys and children having their hair shaved off for the offence of having "Western hairstyles."

Reporter: "In the Houthi-controlled Dhamar Governorate of Yemen, a member of the Houthi group in police uniform is flogging and stoning 32 citizens, who were accused of committing 'immoral acts.' Like other cities in north Yemen, Dhamar has remained under Houthi control. The Houthis are terrorizing the people, and are imposing their beliefs that were imported from Iran by force.

"Two days ago, in the Ibb Governorate, south of Dhamar, a Houthi court sentenced 13 students from Ibb University to death, and 13 others to flogging in front of a crowd of people. Three others were sentenced to five years in prison for committing immoral acts.

"The Houthis are persecuting young people and children in the areas under their control. They are shaving their hair as punishment for what they call 'Western hairstyles,' as part of what they call a 'campaign to strengthen religious identity,' which denies them of their freedom and their personal rights."


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