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Sep 25, 2016
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Shoes and Chairs Go Flying in Egyptian TV Studio When Debate Turns into "Freestyle Wrestling"

#5700 | 03:17

TV host Mohamed Al-Ghiety complained of exhaustion and of low blood pressure after his two guests, Egyptian lawyer Nabih Al-Wahsh and and self-proclaimed "Mufti of Australia" Mustafa Rashed, got into a physical fight following an exchange of insults between the Islamist lawyer Al-Wahsh and Sheikh Rashed, who is known for his ultra-permissive fatwas, including one that permits the consumption of alcohol. Although the show went off air after accusations of apostasy and mental illness were exchanged, Al-Ghiety returned to the set after a 13-minute commercial break, and aired the footage of the brawl twice, with running commentary. The program aired on the Egyptian LTC TV channel on September 26.

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