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May 04, 2019
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Shi'ite Iraqi Militia Leader Qais Al-Khazali: ISIS Was Part of A Zionist-American Plan to Conquer Iraq

#7208 | 01:54
Source: Al-Ahd TV (Iraq)

In a May 4, 2019 speech that aired on Al-Ahd TV (Iraq), Shiite Iraqi militia leader Qais Al-Khazali said that the victory against ISIS is almost entirely complete and that one of the goals of the war against ISIS had been to stand up to the "Zionist plan that wanted to divide Iraq and the countries of the region." He said that the real goal of the Zionist-America-Saudi plan is to conquer Iraq, and that there is a "greater battle" yet to be fought. Al-Khazali also said that "despicable customs and moral values" such as homosexuality expose the real goal of Iraq's enemies.


Qais Al-Khazali: One of the goals of the war [against ISIS] was to stand up to the Zionist plan that wanted to divide Iraq and the countries of the region. Their goal was to move from Syria to Iraq, but, with the grace of Allah, this plan failed altogether. This plan failed in Iraq, and full military victory the ISIS plan was achieved. Now, this plan is coming to an end in Syria, and very soon, full military victory will be announced.



The real goal of the Zionist-American-Saudi plan in Iraq is to conquer it. So there is a war coming, my brothers. We are not naive or slow-witted such that we would think that if ISIS is defeated, Iraq does not face other dangers. Absolutely not. The greatest battle is yet to be fought.




The war that is waged against the Iraqis is, in essence, a cultural war.




It is not a coincidence that the American embassy raised the gay flag in its consulate in Erbil, and the following day, gay posters were spread inside Iraq. Iraq has its own customs, traditions, and moral values. These despicable customs and moral values have nothing to do with us. This exposes their real goal.



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