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Jun 19, 2020
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London Shi'ite Scholar Ahmed Haneef: 'Aryanist' Churchill And The British Are Guilty Of The Same Crimes As The Nazis: What Hitler Tried To Do To Europe, Europe Was Doing Elsewhere

#8109 | 02:39
Source: The Internet - "AIM Islam YouTube channel"

In an interview that was posted on the YouTube channel of AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) on June 19, 2020, under the title "The Black Struggle for Justice in the USA," London Shi'ite Islamic scholar and activist Ahmed Haneef said that certain historical figures are idolized today even if their views regarding non-white people were "worse than the [views of the] Nazis." Haneef gave the example of Winston Churchill, who he said had an "Aryanist" and "supremacist-type" ideology that is minimized today because Churchill had defended Britain against the Nazis in World War II. Haneef explained that while Churchill had been fighting the Nazis in Europe, he and his ilk were committing the exact same crimes in Africa, India, the U.S., and the Americas.

Haneef was born in Trinidad and has studied extensively in Qom, Iran. He has previously been a presenter in a regular program on Iran's English-language state-run TV channel, Press TV. AIM is a U.K.-based Shi'ite Islamic organization that has been endorsed by U.K. representatives of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. For more about AIM, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 8073.

Ahmed Haneef: "What you have, are people who are idolized, even if their views about non-white people are sometimes worse than the [views of the] Nazis.


"If you look at the news these days, they try to minimize Winston Churchill's Aryanist, supremacist-type of ideology and do not mention at all his instrumentality in the stabbing to death of millions of Indians under his colonial rule, you see. This is combined with [saying]: 'Oh yeah, well, he did bad things, but his role in standing up against the Nazis, defending this country, and saving us from the tyranny of Nazi forces and so on we cannot disagree with and we have to lionize him for this, because he has this role of destiny in defending this great nation, and so forth.' Well, Winston Churchill was doing this against a force that was doing exactly, exactly, what his people were doing in places like Africa, India, the United States of America... the Americas, and so forth. It was under British colonialists, for example, that they massacred the Indians in the United States of America.


"According to [Jean-Paul] Sartre, which is very true, what Hitler tried to do to Europe, Europe was doing to colonial peoples. To say, for example, that we have to acknowledge Winston Churchill because he saved the world, and at the same time not acknowledge that he and people of his ilk, were responsible for doing to the Third World, what Adolf Hitler did or tried to do to Europe, this is really an exercise in disingenuity and very awful in terms of the lies that they try to perpetuate."

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