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Apr 12, 2004
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Sheikh Khaled Al-Khleiwi Speaks Out Against the Culture of Death

#34 | 01:03
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

In his lecture on the UAE-based Islamic TV channel, Al-Majd, Sheikh Khaled Al-Khleiwi, spoke out against the culture of death spread by the Arab media. Following is a translation of his comments:

Sheikh Khaled Al-Khleiwi: There are those who say, "It is good to die for Islam," but it is better to live for Islam. This is not a solution. Someone is sad, but he does nothing (to feel better) except for some trivial things, but he says, 'I want to die for Islam.' And I say, 'before you die, work for Islam.'

The Prophet Muhammad, who wanted to be martyred for the sake of Allah and to make an effort for Him, did seek death and said, "the important thing is that I will die." No. He wanted to establish the law of Allah, and then Allah will make the choices about him.

Therefore, I say that preachers must diversify the cassettes. They must diversify the content of the cassettes. So your cassettes, Mr. Preacher, will not always deal with death, death, death, different kinds of death. No, you should diversify! You can speak of death, but then mention why we speak of death, in order to improve people's situation.

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