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Jan 20, 2016
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Sheikh Akram Kaabi, Leader of Iraqi Hizbullah, in Tehran: We Will Retaliate Militarily for Al-Nimr Execution on Saudi Soil

#5276 | 03:30
Source: Online Platforms

During a press conference at the Fars News Agency in Tehran, Sheikh Akram Kaabi, Leader of the Hizbullah Al-Iraq ("Al-Nujaba") militia, threatened Saudi Arabia: "Our retaliation for the blood of Sheikh Al-Nimr will take place on your own turf." He further said: "When I say that we will retaliate - of course, I mean military retaliation."

Following are excerpts from the statements, which were posted on the Internet on January 20, 2016.

Akram Kaabi: This regime – and I mean the Saud clan – was founded under British auspices, in order to target Islam and the Muslims. If you examine the crimes of the Saud clan throughout history, you see that this clan founded its governments on blood, injustice, and killings. They have killed Sunnis and Shiites alike.


The crimes of the Saud clan are great and many, and their latest crime was the execution of the martyr Al-Nimr, whose blood will become a catastrophe upon them, Allah willing, and will spell the end of their unjust rule. From this place, from this blessed forum, in the Islamic Republic, we say to them: Our retaliation for the blood of Sheikh Al-Nimr will take place on your own turf. We will not let this go unanswered. We are capable of doing what we are saying. Allah willing, the retaliation will be soon, and everybody will hear about it.


I would also like to address the Zionist entity's toy in the region, the Muslim Brotherhood government in Turkey, because by attacking Iraq and by crossing the Iraqi border, they have threatened Iraqi sovereignty, and we will not keep quiet about this. Our response will be in keeping with the reasonable decision of the Iraqi government.


Today, Iraq is in possession of the able force of the PMU. This able force is composed of all the resistance factions, which fought the U.S. occupation and inflicted heavy losses and catastrophes upon it, forcing it to sign the humiliating agreement that sent it out of Iraq.


When we threaten Saudi Arabia or Turkey with retaliation, we talk about this able force, which targeted and humiliated the masters of those "toys." The truth is that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are soldiers of the global arrogance, and they send us fighters on behalf of the Zionist entity.


When I say that we will retaliate – of course, I mean military retaliation. It will be on their own turf. It will be in Saudi Arabia, not in Iraq.


Saudi Arabia has declared war. There is no need to be politically correct. We should confront this regime with all the power at our disposal. So long as we are capable, we must confront that regime with anything – even if it is a small operation, it may develop into something bigger, and perhaps other brothers will follow on the same path. At the end of the day, Saudi Arabia is a clear enemy today.


You said that any terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia might be attributed to us, but the truth is that our threat is directed toward the Saud rulers, and their oppressive agencies.


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