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Jun 30, 2004
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Sheik Hisham Khalifa, Secretary-General of Council of Lebanon's Imams On Jews, Usury, and The Etymology of The Word 'Bank'

#135 | 01:37
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Sheik Hisham Khalifa, Secretary-General of the Council of Lebanon's Imams was interviewed by the Lebanese channel, New TV. Following are excerpts:

Hisham Khalifa: The system of usury is ancient. The first to use it were the Jews. The Jews are known for their love of money and their enslavement to it. And despite this they say usury is prohibited among themselves, but permitted In Deuteronomy Chapter 3. The text is correct, but this is interpretation. They say: '"Thou shalt not lend to your brother." Your brother, meaning man in Islam, when one says "your brother," he means man, but when the Jews say "your brother," they mean a Jew. "Thou shalt not lend to your brother with interest, money interest, food interest, or anything given as a loan with interest." So, there is a basic prohibition, even if it relates only to [transactions] among Jews. But if this is the case, it means they understand the damage interest [causes], and don't want to harm one another. But they do harm others.

Moderator: Anything is permitted regarding non-Jews. That's their nature. They created the world's banking philosophy, it is said, and that's what we've heard and read. Why is it called "bank"? A bank is a bench. The first to make use of it were two Jews in Britain, who closed the first usury deal while sitting on a bench in one of the parks. That's how the word "bank," which meant "bench," came to mean lavish banks costing billions of dollars. The original bank costs $200.

These greedy people want to ensure fantastic profits, and so it is known that today the wheels of world economy revolve around a group of the world's richest people, headed by the world's Jews, who control the media, the commerce, and the financial institutions.

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