March 22, 2004
Clip No.

Sheik Hamza Mansour, Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party in Jordan: This is the Nature That Makes Matza Out of Innocent Children's Blood

The UAE religious channel, Al-Majd TV, interviewed Sheikh Hamza Mansour, Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front Party in Jordan, in the wake of the killing of Hamas leader, Ahmad Yassin. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Hamza Mansour: Sir, there are two factors. The first factor is that this is the Zionist nature, as the Koran says: "You shall find the bitterest of people in enmity against the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists. They show no regard for any tie of kinship or any pact in respect of a believer." They don't attribute any importance to the human race, only to the Jews. This is their sick psychological nature but this is not the place to elaborate about it.

This is the nature that makes matza out of innocent children's blood. This is the first factor the sick psychological mentality. The second factor is, in my opinion, that Sharon is bankrupt.