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Aug 01, 2004
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Sheik Ali Korani: A Westerner's Mind Concentrates for Twelve Seconds, An Arab's forTwo

#179 | 02:31
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

'Ali Korani, a lebanese Shiite cleric spoke on the Iranian TV station Sahar1 about the differences between the Arab world and the West. The following are excerpts:

Sheik Korani: First and foremost we must know that wealth and prosperity upon the earth are controlled by the laws of nature, which were determined by Allah. These laws of nature state that those who work achieve results.

The Westerners behave, plan, think? they work more than we do ? several times over. When we worked even had their countries in our possession.. They work more. We have become lazy.

Their countries, for instance, Britain? Maybe America has (natural) resources but where did America come from? It exists because the English and Europeans actions went there and got this country.

Hence the westerner works, and he will continue to work and therefore he achieves results. I am convinced that if only they would work in our countries?

An Englishman wrote that the Western mind is no better than the Eastern and Arab mind and his research determined that the difference between the Western mind and the Eastern and Arab mind is that while the Western mind can concentrate on a certain subject for 12 seconds, according to his calculations the Arab brain can concentrate on the subject for only two seconds.

Meaning, we were not educated to concentrate. For instance, let us look at this pen, we think about it for two seconds while the Westerner will think about it for 12 seconds.

Host: And they achieve better results.

Korani: They achieve results. They know how to develop it and how to use it. Hence, the issue is not that they are smarter but that we were not educated to concentrate enough.

In many fields we can be the westerners' teachers. The problem in our countries is that we do not pay enough attention to production. Our entire economy is of consumerism, our culture is a culture of consumerism, a culture of relying on others, a culture of laziness and stagnation.

If all this changes, then any people have the potential to reach what the West has reached. The westerners got their wealth from our countries and from the countries under imperialist control. They took the foundations of their industrial growth from us.

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