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Jan 07, 2023
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Senior PLO Official Hussein Al-Sheikh: Our Martyrs And Prisoners Are Our Most Precious Jewels – We Will Spend Our Last Penny On Them And Their Families

#10047 | 01:01
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

PLO Executive Committee Secretary-General Hussein Al-Sheikh said at a January 7, 2023 ceremony marking Palestinian Martyr's Day that the Palestinian "martyrs" and prisoners and their families are the Palestinian people's "most precious jewel". He said that they are a "red line" and that the Palestinians will spend every last penny on them and on their families. The ceremony was aired on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority).

Hussein Al-Sheikh: "I would like to reassure you of our firm and unwavering commitment: Our martyrs, our prisoners, and their families is where we cross the line. Even if we have one penny left, it will be spent on the families of the martyrs and prisoners. They are our purest, most permanent, loftiest, and most precious jewel."

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