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Oct 20, 2021
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Nasr Al-Shammari, Deputy Leader Of Iraqi Al-Nujaba Militia: We Will Resume Targeting U.S. Forces If They Don't Withdraw By End Of 2021; The U.S. Created ISIS; ISIS Was Paralyzed Thanks To Iraqi Airstrikes

#9150 | 02:38
Source: Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq)

Nasr Al-Shammari, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Iraqi Hizbullah Al-Nujaba Movement, said in an October 20, 2021 interview on Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq) that the Hizbullah Al-Nujaba Movement will "absolutely" resume attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq if they do not withdraw by the end of 2021, if not sooner. He said that the U.S. created ISIS and that he saw with his own eyes American forces evacuating besieged ISIS leaders and providing weapons and food to ISIS forces. When asked about American airstrikes against ISIS, Al-Shammari said that any airstrikes the U.S. may have carried out against ISIS pale in comparison to the 1,000 airstrikes he said were carried out by Iraq’s air force, which paralyzed ISIS.

Interviewer: "Do you believe that the targeting of American interests in Iraq will continue if the United States does not live up to its commitments?"

Nasr Al-Shammari: "Will it continue?"

Interviewer: "Yes, the targeting of American interests."

Al-Shammari: "Absolutely! Of course it will! We are waiting for the end of 2021, at the latest. They announced that they would withdraw all their forces by the end of 2021. If they do not withdraw their forces, the attacks against them will definitely resume. But according to some reports… That is, if we continue to suspend our attacks against them until the end of the year."

Interviewer: "But according to reports, ISIS still poses a threat to Iraq and Syria."

Al-Shammari: "And what have the American forces done to deal with ISIS?"

Interviewer: "I am asking you. What have the U.S. forces contributed in this regard?"

Al-Shammari: "We have heard the previous American president himself saying that it was the U.S. government that created ISIS. He said that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama had created ISIS. As a volunteer at the front lines when the battles were raging, I saw the American forces evacuating besieged ISIS leaders, and air-dropping weapons and food to ISIS when it was besieged, I saw all that. They talk about cooperation [in fighting ISIS]? I did not see such cooperation. I did not see a single U.S. soldier…"

Interviewer: "What about the airstrikes and other attacks by the coalition forces?"

Al-Shammari: "The significant airstrikes that hit, confused, and paralyzed ISIS were carried out by Iraq’s air force, which attacked in an unparalleled heroic manner. The Iraqi air force carried out 1,000 attacks. If the Americans carried out an attack in the desert somewhere or whatever – should this overshadow 1,000 attacks made by the heroic Iraqi air force, and make you talk only about one single fake attack by the Americans? This is unfair to the Iraqi air force and to the heroic Iraqi mujahideen, the pilots."

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