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Oct 31, 2022
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Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: 'Periodic Wars' With Israel Should Be Conducted In The West Bank Rather Than In Gaza; Hamas In Gaza Should Support Attacks In The West Bank With Words, Money, Weapons

#9926 | 02:19
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said in an October 31, 2022 interview on Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) that Hamas in Gaza should support terror attacks in the West Bank with "words, money, and weapons," and he said that "periodic wars" should be waged against Israel in the West Bank, but not in Gaza. He said that if the Israelis are defeated in the West Bank like they were in Gaza, then thousands of them will flee. In addition, he spoke about a book he had written about hatred of Jews in America and Europe, and he said that the Europeans managed to simultaneously get rid of the Jews and harm Islam by expelling the Jews from their countries. He also claimed that the Jews came to Palestine because it was an "investment venture."

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: "If the [Israelis] are defeated in the West Bank like they were in Gaza, you will see thousands of people fleeing Gaza [sic]. These people are the most eager to protect their lives. Why did they come? Because this is an investment venture. Their fathers came here because this is an investment venture. There isn't a single country in Europe that has not oppressed this enemy. I published a book – about Europe and America alone – titled Hatred of Jews: A Historical Heritage. I did not write about any Arabs who hated Jews. Why? It's not that [Arabs] did not hate [the Jews]. No. I did this to prove that hatred towards Jews has existed since ancient times, to the time that [the Europeans] banished [the Jews]. When they sent [the Jews] to Gaza [sic], they did not do it out of love for them, but in order to get rid of them. One bird that they killed was to get rid [of the Jews] and their destruction and corruption of [European] economy, and the second bird was to pit them against the Islamic enterprise.


"I am against conducting periodic wars in Gaza [against Israel], but there must be periodic wars in the West Bank."

Interviewer: "Let me ask you a straightforward question. Does Hamas support what is happening in the West Bank, in every way? Does Hamas have a hand in the attacks that we see in the West Bank?"

Al-Zahhar: "[According to a hadith:] 'A Muslim is a brother to the Muslim. He will not fail him...' And what else? Do you think that if we would have the opportunity to support our brothers in the West Bank, we would not seize the opportunity? Is there justification in the shari'a for not doing that? What is the justification in the shari'a that makes it obligatory to do just that? [According to a hadith:] 'A Muslim is a brother to the Muslim. He will not oppress him, and he will not fail him.' It would be failing them, if we were to... We should support them with words, with money, weapons, we can support them by helping them to better define their vision, by praying for them from afar, and by not leaving them to be free prey for the Israeli entity."

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