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Dec 23, 2018
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Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar: U.S. Embassy Is Unacceptable in West Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv, or Even in Safed

#6913 | 02:02
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar said in a December 23, 2018, interview on Al-Alam TV (Iran) that Iran does not ask anything in return for the aid it provides to Hamas. He added that the presence of an American embassy in Palestine is totally unacceptable, even if it were built in Safed or suspended above Palestine, and that Western Jerusalem is even more Arab than Eastern Jerusalem. He added that Israel was established by the West in order to get rid of the Zionist cancer that was ruining the Western economy.

Following are excerpts:


Mahmoud Al-Zahar: The [Zionist] enterprise in Palestine is an investment project, and when the interests of the Jews are threatened, they will just run away. This is not about a homeland. [Israeli MK] Lieberman was a bodyguard for dancing girls in Russia, and Netanyahu's father is still living in America.




Iran plays a role as an Islamic country, not just as a regional player. It wants to liberate Palestine in its entirety, and it offers its [aid] free of charge. Anyone who thinks that Iran demands our loyalty or that we might sell out our loyalty for a price… We have not done such a thing. We were not asked to do this.




Allah said that a person who collaborates with the Jews and the Christians becomes one of them. Therefore, we are grateful and appreciative of anybody who helps us for free, because he knows that every sliver of Palestinian, Islamic, and Arab land is being threatened by these people. Therefore, anybody who offers aid does so because he understands that he plays a central role, and that his enemy won't stop at the geographical borders of Palestine.




[Trump] can move the American embassy to occupied West or East Jerusalem – neither is acceptable. [Even] if he puts his embassy in Tel Aviv – which is actually Jaffa – it would be unacceptable. If he puts it in Safed, it would also be unacceptable. If he tries to suspend it in the air above the land of Palestine, it would still be unacceptable. Whoever thinks that only Eastern Jerusalem is Arab is a criminal. Western Jerusalem is more [Arab] than Eastern Jerusalem.




The [West established Israel] in order to get rid of the Zionist cancer and to get rid of the usury that slaughtered the Western economy.

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