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Aug 18, 2019
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Fatah Official Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Trump Will Be Re-Elected in 2020, Americans Opt for Extremism; TV Host: "We Are Creating Hitler Worse Than Hitler"

#7431 | 01:25
Source: Alhadath Alyoum TV (Egypt)

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab, the former Palestinian ambassador the Pakistan, said in an August 18, 2019 interview on Alhadath Alyoum TV that U.S. President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 because American society has turned to extremism the same way that Israeli society has favored extremist parties for the past 18 years. He added that the situation is similar with Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom, and the TV host, Sayyed Ali, said: "We are creating a Hitler worse than Hitler."


Interviewer: Can a president with the mentality [of President Trump] be re-elected?

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Yes. You can ask me directly who will emerge from the next elections as President of the U.S., and I will tell you that it will be Donald Trump.

Interviewer: What horror! Can the world bear Donald Trump for four more years?

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: I don't know about the world, but the Americans will elect Donald Trump.

Interviewer: Because of the domestic situation…

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Because the American public… This is part of the research that I have conducted. Israeli society turned to extremism, and it has been extreme for the past 18 years. The [Israelis] only vote for that extremist group – one time the name is Netanyahu and another time it's another name, but they only elect extremists. American society has turned to extremism, and it elected Donald Trump. They will re-elect him, because they haven't had enough yet. In addition, Boris Johnson was elected [in Britain], and he is from the same political party as [Theresa] May.

Interviewer: In this case, history repeats itself. Hitler!

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Well said.

Interviewer: Hitler and the German and Italian people did exactly this.

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Well said.

Interviewer: They spoke chauvinistically about German citizens…

Dr. Hazem Abu Shanab: Well said.

Interviewer: Netanyahu and Trump are also doing this. We are creating a Hitler worse than Hitler.

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