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Jun 01, 2024
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Senior Chinese General Jing Jianfeng At Shangri-La Dialogue: The U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy Reflects A Cold-War Mentality, It Is America's Attempt To Create Divisions, Maintain Its Hegemony; This Is Destined To Fail

#11172 | 01:18
Source: CCTV (China)

On June 1, 2024, Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department of China's Central Military Commission Jing Jianfeng said on the sidelines of the 21st Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore that the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy serves only America's geopolitical interest and is destined to fail. He said that the U.S. clings to a "Cold War mentality," engages in zero-sum games, creates divisions, undermines stability, and aims to form an Asian-Pacific version of NATO in order to maintain its hegemony. A video of his statement was published online by CCTV Video News Agency (China) on June 2.

Jing Jianfeng: "The U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy was full of rhetoric. Under the banner of promoting regional cooperation, the U.S. clings to a Cold War mentality, engages in zero sum games, forms exclusive 'clubs,' and aims at merging the small cliques into an 'Asia-Pacific version of NATO' to maintain the U.S. hegemony. The strategy in essence aims at creating divisions, inciting confrontation and undermining stability. It goes against the trend of history and the common aspiration of the regional countries, who pursue peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit. It serves only U.S. geopolitical self-interest and is destined to fail."

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