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Feb 12, 2023
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Senior Al-Azhar Official Sheikh Muhammad Al-Duwaini At Arab League's 'Jerusalem Summit': Allah Has Promised That Jerusalem, Palestine Will Be Liberated; The Zionists Falsified History; International Institutions Recognize Al-Aqsa Is Ours, Yet Nobody Lifts A Finger Against Israel

#10131 | 02:25
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Senior Al-Azhar official Sheikh Muhammad Al-Duwaini said in a February 12, 2023 address at the Arab League's Summit for Jerusalem in Cairo, Egypt that the Zionists falsified history, but that this will not cause Arabs and Muslims to forget about Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He said that the Quran has promised that Palestine will return to exclusive Muslim control. He also said that the global superpowers should stop supporting the "plundering" Israeli "entity" and that Palestine and Jerusalem will be liberated "if not by our hands, then by the hands of our sons and our grandsons." In addition, Al-Duwaini criticized "international institutions, treaties, and pacts," saying that they "affirm" that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is Islamic but fail to "lift a finger" against Israel's excavations in the area and at the Al-Buraq Wall, which he said is "falsely" referred to as the Western Wall.

The Arab League's Summit for Jerusalem was attended by many senior Arab officials, including Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, Jordan's King Abdullah, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Arab League Secretary-General Ahmad Abu Al-Gheit, and foreign ministers and dignitaries from other member states. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Duwaini's address was aired live on Palestine TV.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Duwani: "The liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its return to exclusive Muslim [control]is the true promise in the Quran – it will never be broken. Allah said: 'Then, when the promise of the Hereafter comes to pass, you will be disgraced, and they will enter the mosque as they had entered it the first time, and they will completely destroy all that falls in their hands'. The return of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Muslims is a done deal. The only thing we do not know about it is its timing. Maybe it will happen soon, inshalllah.


"An amazing feature of our era – an era that boasts about freedom and democracy – is that even though international institutions, treaties, and pacts affirm that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is an Islamic Arab mosque under occupation, they do not lift a finger, despite seeing all these violations, as well as the excavations that are meant to destroy it, the attempts to erase its character and alter its nature, and their efforts to destroy the Al-Buraq Wall, which they falsely call 'The Wailing Wall'.


"Let the Zionists and those who stand behind them know: The Al-Aqsa Mosque has always been Islamic and Arab, and it will always remain so. If they think... If they think that the passage of time, the falsification of history, and altering reality will make the Arabs and Muslims forget their first direction of prayer – then they are deluding themselves. The superpowers should apply the same standards when dealing with the affairs of the world, and stop their unlimited support and bias towards this plundering entity that they planted in the midst of our countries.


"Before I finish my speech, I would like to reaffirm Al-Azhar's adherence to its position regarding the Palestinian cause, and to convey important messages from Al-Azhar to the public, here and abroad – the first of which is that Palestine and its capital city, Jerusalem, will be liberated, if not by our hands, then by the hands of our sons or grandsons. This is an undeniable promise."

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