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Mar 18, 2020
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Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human rights Ali Bagheri Kani: America Is the Great Satan, Acts Inhumanely Even During COVID-19 Pandemic; Countries That Do Not Cooperate with Us Are Responsible for Spreading the Virus

#7892 | 01:45
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Former Iranian diplomat Ali Bagheri Kani, the Secretary of Iran's High council for Human Rights, said in a March 18, 2020 interview on Channel 1 (Iran) that America is the Great Satan even during the COVID-19 pandemic and that the Europeans that talk about human rights should be ashamed of themselves for obeying America's oppressive policies. He said that countries that do not cooperate with Iran regarding the coronavirus are responsible for spreading it all over the world, and he mocked a certain European country, the name of which he did not want to disclose, for sending Iran aid in the form of 100 pairs of boots. He added: "This is the kind of creatures that they are."

Ali Bagheri Kani: "There isn't much I can say about America. America is, indeed, the Great Satan, and its past and its future are clear, especially at a time like this when they become evident to everybody. The Europeans who talk about human rights should really feel a little bit ashamed of themselves for obeying the oppressive policy of the Americans. When everybody is dealing with this thing – with the coronavirus – they do not stop doing their illegal and inhumane thing. I need to add one thing: Countries that do not cooperate with Iran with regard to the coronavirus are responsible for its spreading all over the world. After all, corona is a disease that infects and spreads. If we cannot lock down a certain place, it will spread from there to the whole world.


"Let me tell you something. A certain European country, which I shall not name, has recently sent to Iran equipment to deal with the coronavirus. Do you know that it was? 100 pairs of boots. Can you believe this? I don't want to name that country. It is one of the important European countries. Yes, yes. It was recently. Their ambassador showed up at the airport and was photographed with the shipment. His picture was later published. I mean, this is the kind of creatures that they are."

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