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Mar 10, 2022
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Students In Hizbullah's Mahdi Schools Network Donate Their Allowance To Buy Military Gear For Hizbullah Fighters

#9437 | 1:58
Source: The Internet - "Alahednews.com.lb"

On March 10, 2022, the Lebanese website Alahednews.com.lb posted a news report about a school in Tyre, Lebanon, in which school children donated their allowance in order to buy military gear for Hizbullah fighters. According to report, the children saved up their allowances "in order to participate in the resistance by supporting it." One of the students, Jawad Haydar, thanked Hizbullah fighters for accepting the children's "modest gift."

Host: "The program for equipping mujahideen, which the Authority for Supporting the Islamic Resistance announced several years ago, included the program for the students of Al-Mahdi Schools in Tyre, who participated by providing the resistance with whatever support they could. Out of the daily allowance they receive from their families, the students have saved whatever they could for weeks.

"They bought an entire kit for an Islamic resistance mujahid, and they came to the offices of the Authority for Supporting the Islamic Resistance in Tyre, in order to deliver it."

Ghaleb Diab: "Some of our education is based on exposing our students to various activities that aim to cultivate these educational values.

"We learn from the path taken by the great martyred commanders, many lessons ideas, and principles, and raise new generations in their light."


Host: "In the offices of the Authority they met with one of the officers of the Islamic resistance, who thanked them for their valued contribution."

Hizbullah Officer: "From the first moment, the Authority for Supporting the Islamic Resistance gave the fighters all their necessary might. It stood by every mujahid, providing all the equipment they need in order to be victorious. Today, as expected, it is with us, and it supplies the mujahideen with the appropriate equipment for every fighter."


Jawad Haydar: "I thank you for accepting this modest gift, which is only a drop in the ocean of sacrifice by the mujahideen."

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