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Aug 12, 2004
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The Scheme of Thais - Anti-American Music Video on Iranian TV

#199 | 04:51
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

The Iranian news channel IRINN TV broadcast a between-program music video produced by the television department of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Thais was a Greek courtesan who joined Alexander the Great on his campaign, and, according to one story, persuaded him to set fire to Persepolis. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's song shows the Statue of Liberty as Thais. The following are excerpts:

The accursed Macedonian courtesan, in a nocturnal attack of wine and fire

At the dawn of rage and blood - The scheme of Thais.

That promiscuous saint of Athens And her temple in Nice -

A she-demon measuring slightly less than 320 feet And 6 inches, In her hand a torch and on her head a crown, plundered from the kingdom of Persia.

Perhaps she was expelled from Paris a year or two ago

And abandoned on the red waves of Atlantis - The scheme of Thais.

There she is, the unique symbol of freedom

That temptress by the banks of the Sea of Freedom

The scheme of Thais

The scheme of Thais,

That accursed paramour of Alexander

The scheme of the cry of women seeking a mate at the mouth of the port

The scheme of Thais and the torch.

A scheme of plunder

A scheme of rage to burn Mandana and Farvahar

And even the candlestick unto dust.

A scheme of freedom despite a life of slavery

A scheme of heresy and polytheism

A scheme of humanism that brags of its birth in the arts.

A scheme of the final invasion of man's faith

A scheme of Thais, bearer of the torch,

A scheme of Satan,

A she-demon that remains on the waves of Atlantis,

The scheme of Thais.

That which you see is neither Babylon nor Athens. It is Attica.

Even more so, it is Attica of Greece, haughty Babylon, America.

America is the enemy of God's Unity and an affront to God.

America is a mad demon; for the moment she slumbers, in chains.

She is the shadow of the tyrant, the Anti-Christ. She is not dead.

And now, in the end of days, in our days of iron, she is plotting a great conspiracy.

O men of the seven continents, awake! awake! Light the pure flames to destroy the serpents;

This impure octopus with seven heads is always boasting

And its dark lies cause the eyes to cry without cease

It must be killed - that would be a mercy

Or else each man must be on his guard against the werewolf.

This is the scheme of Thais, of the Devil, of the Satan from Attica

It adds another stain on the world's disgrace - America's shame./

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