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Apr 12, 2005
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Saudi Women's Rights Activist Suheila Hammad: Global Zionism Responsible for 9/11 as Proven by President Bush's Remarks

#643 | 03:53
Source: Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi Women's Rights Activist Suheila Zein Al-'Abedin Hammad. Al-Arabiya TV aired this interview on April 12, 2005:

Interviewer: You have your own views about terrorism. You wrote two books. One discusses who is behind the events of 9/11, and the other deals with terrorism. You believe that global Zionism is behind 9/11?

Suheila Hammad: Yes, I have evidence for this and if you wish, I could present it. In the two books I provided endless evidence of this.

Interviewer: OK, but How do Osama bin Laden and Al-Qa'eda fit into this equation?

Suheila Hammad: Osama bin Laden? How could Osama bin Laden possibly carry out such a huge plot in the world's leading superpower, with its (renowned) intelligence agencies and defense department?

Interviewer: Just to set things straight, do you believe that Osama bin Laden was used by global Zionism or that he had nothing to do with it and his name got mixed up in this by chance?

Suheila Hammad: They got him involved from the beginning. He serves their goals.

Interviewer: You mean he works for them?

Suheila Hammad: Of course, who created Osama bin Laden? wasn't it the US?

Interviewer: (What's your evidence) that Zionism - and not only Al-Qa'eda - were behind 9/11?

Suheila Hammad: It is well known that it was premeditated. If not for the events of 9/11 – would the US have been able to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq and to interfere so bluntly in the affairs of the Arab and Islamic nation? Not only that, but now sanctions may be imposed on Sudan and Darfour.

Interviewer: Do you have tangible evidence, or is this just deductive reasoning?

Suheila Hammad: No, there is endless evidence…

Interviewer: Like what? What evidence do you have that global Zionism, and not bin Laden or Al-Qa'eda, was responsible for 9,11?

Suheila Hammad: Many things. First of all, the event was broadcast live. How was this possible unless they knew about it in advance? How come the first tower was attacked just as George Bush was entering elementary school to lecture? When his country was being attacked, he said: "Oh, what a brilliant pilot." Then he went to lecture.

Interviewer: Bush said, "Oh what a brilliant pilot"?!

Suheila Hammad: Yes.

Interviewer: Where did he say this?

Suheila Hammad: He said so himself. I've heard of the goat story he was reading, but not about "Oh, what a brilliant pilot."

Suheila Hammad: He said so. Read my book, The Events of September, you'll find it.

Interviewer: But where did you get this from?

Suheila Hammad: He said this on a TV interview, brother! Thierry Meyssan has mentioned all these terryifing facts.

Interviewer: Suheila, a moment ago you just said that the filming of 9/11 is one piece of evidence that it was planned by the US…

Suheila Hammad: It was broadcast live to the school in Florida, where George Bush was. It was broadcast live and he saw it with his own eyes.

Interviewer: The first plane was not broadcast live. the footage came later.

Suheila Hammad: He even said in a televised interview: "When I saw the plane I said, oh, what a brilliant pilot." Then he went in to lecture, and then Dick Cheney came in and told him the second tower had been hit – "We are under attack."

Interviewer: Dick Cheney was in another city.

Suheila Hammad: His aide came in and told him that the second tower had been hit. Then (Bush) said, "If so, we are facing a conspiracy." He didn't give an order to moniter these planes are take any measures to follow them. There were talks among the officials at the defense department, and they all said, "We don't know," as if they lived in the jungles of Africa, not in an advanced country.

Interviewer: Another question: Who do you think is behind the terrorism against Saudi Arabia?

Suheila Hammad: Zionism, of course.

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