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Jan 02, 2016
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Saudi TV Host on the Iranian Threats following Al-Nimr Execution: We Represent Two Billion Muslims, Iran Only 200 Million

#5237 | 04:20

In an address on January 2, 2016, following the execution of Saudi Shiite cleric Nimr Al-Nimr, Saudi TV host Muhammad Al-Rashed said that "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents two billion Muslims on the face of the Earth" and represents "true Islam... as understood by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad," whereas Iran represents only 200-300 million. "The terrorist Iran is the last that should talk about human rights," said Al-Rashed in his address, which aired on the Saudi 24 TV channel.

Following are excerpts:

Muhammad Al-Rashed: Since this morning's announcement about [the execution of Ayatollah Al-Nimr], the Farsi-Zoroastrian media machine has gone into action, with its usual barking, to which we are no stranger.


The terrorist Iran is the last that should talk about human rights, because it erected gallows in its streets in this very millennium. In 2015, Iran recorded the highest rate of summary executions of journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, men, women, and even children. Iran executed children under the age of 16. Iran has executed people on the basis of their [sectarian] and national identity, and continues to do so. Iran has executed people for adhering to Sunni Islam, and continues to do so. Only two days ago, Iran executed over 27 Sunni scholars, merely because they memorized the holy Quran.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents two billion Muslims on the face of the Earth. It represents true Islam, the pure monotheistic faith, as it was understood by the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, and by our nation's righteous ancestors. This is the path that we follow and will continue to follow, Allah willing.

But the West has tried to deceive people, by portraying Islam through terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS, and before that, by planting the Muslim Brotherhood in the body of our nation, along with all the offshoots of that organization. Khomeini was brought to Iran in 1979 on a Western French plane. The West replaced the liberal, secular, democratic rule of Shah Pahlavi with a religious ideological rule, which runs counter to all the "freedom" and "democracy" they call for, and for which they mobilized armies, which destroyed countries and societies.

Only God knows how many people these [Western] countries have killed. Then they try to make the world think that the Islam followed by two billion Muslims – not the 200-300 millions represented by Iran… The two billion Muslims represented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are presented by the Western media, in collaboration with the mullahs of Qom and Tehran, who were planted in Iran by the West itself, so that they could do all that they have been doing so far… They target Islam, the Sunni faith of monotheism, presenting it as terrorism.


Everybody should know that the so-called ISIS is no more than 20-30 km from the Iranian border, and despite that, ISIS has never attacked Iran, or vice versa. ISIS and Al-Qaeda have never attacked Iran, and they never will, because it was Iran that raised them, and it is Iran that controls them from a command center in Mashhad, and the Iranians know what I am talking about. Saudi Arabia will not respond to the empty Iranian slogans, because it is bigger than them. But we consider ourselves free journalists, and we represent no one but ourselves. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to be a proud citadel despite Iran and those who planted it.


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