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Nov 27, 2013
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Saudi TV Host Incites against Military Hospital in Yemen Two Weeks before It Was Attacked by Terrorists

#4071 | 02:11
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a statement by TV host Khaled Al-Ghamedi on the Saudi Wesal TV (via the Internet), which aired on November 27, 2013.

Khaled Al-Ghamedi: The Yemeni state is now betraying your Sunni brethren. Listen to the news that we have just received: "A group of [Shiite] Houthis, dressed in the fatigues of the Yemeni National Security Agency, entered the military hospital, and arrested a group of wounded [Sunnis] from the Dammaj enclave. This arbitrary measure was carried out without the knowledge of the authorities..."

I don't accept that. How could the authorities not know when a gang enters a military hospital and kidnaps Sunni students wounded in Dammaj?!

Whatever happened to the zeal of the Yemeni tribes? Until when will this silence and submission continue? Until they control you, your property, and the honor of your women, God forbid?


Yesterday, the U.S. denounced the assassination of a criminal, Allah's curses upon him. We were happy about his assassination, although we do not support the way it was done. We are happy because a number of Sunnis were killed in the same way. Why shouldn't we be happy?


We hold the managers of the military hospital responsible. Allah willing, we will organize a campaign, which I hereby endorse, against the hospital manager, who has betrayed our trust by handing over those people, who were still bleeding. The [Houthis] simply entered and kidnapped the students from the military hospital.

Allah willing, we will mobilize armies and tribes against that hospital, to avenge the blood of our brothers.

Allah willing, we will do what we say. The wounded students should return safe and sound, or their whereabouts should be identified, or else the manager of the military hospital in Sana'a will bear responsibility for the kidnapping of our brothers while they were still bleeding.


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