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Feb 27, 2016
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Saudi TV Channel Parody Lampoons Hizbullah's Leader Nasrallah, Sparks Anger among Supporters

#5355 | 02:41
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

On February 27, the Saudi MBC TV channel aired a parody, in which an actor impersonating Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah is shown taking orders from Iran. "We are independent... Iran does not give us any orders at all," declared "Nasrallah" in the skit, as he fawningly kissed the hand of an off-screen black-robed cleric, representing Iran. The parody sparked anger among Hizbullah supporters in Lebanon.

Following are excerpts

"Hassan Nasrallah": Thank you, thank you. Please, sit down. This will be a short speech, only two minutes long. That will be enough. Lebanon will remain free, proud, and independent, and against terrorism and criminals, on land, at sea, in the air, and everywhere. Why? Because we are independent.

To those who say that Iran gives us orders, I say: Iran does not give us any orders at all.

"Nasrallah" kiss the hand of an "Iranian" leader

Okay like that?

America and Israel are the "Great Satan." There is no doubt about that. We do not meddle in anybody's affairs. We support democracy and the blessed Intifadas. We support the revolutions in the Arab world from east to west.

"Nasrallah" revels in the crowds applause

"Nasrallah's" phone rings he picks it up and speaks into the phone

Hello. I cannot hear you. Shut up, all of you! [In broken Farsi]: Yes? Yes.

"Nasrallah" puts down the phone and picks up a handgun

But if there is a Satanic Intifada in Syria - this is unacceptable. Where is Syria? It is right next door to us, and if necessary, I and all those with me will go to fight in Syria.

He puts down the gun

What have the Yemenis done to deserve you waging a war against them? The pretext is "Iranian expansion" and that "Iran occupied Yemen."

An "Iranian": We buy weapons.

"Hassan Nasrallah: That is a lie! That's slander! We will not abandon Palestine, its people, and the holy places of the Islamic nation in Palestine. Salaam alaykum. Allah's blessing upon you.


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