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Aug 29, 2019
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Saudi Strategic Expert Muhammad Al-Qabiban: Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself, Its Borders from Iranian Lackeys; Iran Is Destroying the Region

#7476 | 03:34
Source: Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq)

Saudi strategic expert Muhammad Al-Qabiban said in an August 29, 2019 interview on Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq) that Israel has the right to defend itself and its borders from Iranian "lackeys" like Hizbullah. He said that Iran's intervention has created anarchy in the region and he criticized Iraqi, Lebanese, and Yemeni leaders for "whining" about Israeli intervention in Arab countries even though it is they who have empowered Iran to destroy the region under the pretext of the Islamic revolution. Al-Qabiban pointed out that none of the Shiite militias in the Arab countries have attacked Israel, and he said that they want to destroy Arab countries for sectarian and economic reasons. He referred to Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah as a joke, and he said that Iran is behind the spread of political Islam in the region. He said that Iran has turned Lebanon into a "garbage" country, a comment to which Lebanese political commentator Faysal Abdel Sater, who was also on the show, angrily responded by saying that Saudi Arabia is the garbage country because it does not know the meaning of honor.

Following are excerpts:


Muhammad Al-Qabiban: Has Israel picked up the phone and called the Arab League or the GCC and asked for their permission to strike [Hizbullah]? No! It encountered weak countries that are lackeys of Iran and that have flung themselves into the arms of Iran, and it wanted to protect its borders. In my opinion, [Israel] has the right to protect its borders. The flagrant Iranian intervention in the Arab regions has thrown the region into chaos, and this has enabled Israel to do what it likes in the region. In the meanwhile, the Arab leaders are whining: "Israel attacked us and interfered in our affairs." These Arab leaders in Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen have forgotten that it was they who allowed [Iran] to destroy the region under the pretext that it is an Islamic country that wants to export the revolution and under the pretext that it supports Muslims in [other] countries. I think that the region is in an unprecedented state of anarchy.




What do we see? We see that these [Shiite militias] strive to destroy the Arab countries from sectarian and economic perspectives. They have not sent a single plane against Israel. Look at that joke from Lebanon… [Nasrallah] said: "By Allah, we downed the [Israeli] drones by throwing gravel." What an insult to one's intelligence! And they call him "The Leader of the Resistance"…




Saudi Arabia wants stability for the region. There is an obvious proxy war in the region between Iran and Saudi Arabia. But who started all this? Which country interfered and supported groups that espouse political Islam? Which country supported [Shiite] groups in Qatif? Which country carried out bombings in Mecca? Which country tried to disrupt the hajj and called for it to be run internationally? Who are the ones who go on a hajj and do things there in order to distort the image of Saudi Arabia? Which country is doing this? Which country is trying to bomb ports? Which country is constantly making threats to close the Strait [of Hormuz]? Which country sends drones to a distance of 1,200 kilometers in order to attack the Shaybah oil field? Is it the Yemenis? Even if you explain to a Yemeni a million times how to make a Pepsi can, he wouldn't know how.




The "resistance" has turned Lebanon into a country of – excuse me for the word – garbage. Iran has brought Lebanon to a state in which it cannot even get rid of its trash. Lebanon has started taking [money] out of people's pensions. Was Lebanon ever in this state before the Iranian intervention? They should shut up, fix their country, and only then talk about other countries!




Faysal Abdel Sater: No one in the entire world – not even the Saudi king himself – is allowed to call Lebanon a "garbage" country. It is [Saudi Arabia] that is a garbage country because they have no honor. If they had any… Excuse me, let me finish! He insulted Lebanon!

Host: But it's a political problem…

Faysal Abdel Sater: No, he insulted Lebanon. He said that Lebanon is a garbage country. Saudi Arabia is a garbage country, and they do not know the meaning of honor.

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