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Mar 04, 2011
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Saudi Songwriter Alaa Wardi Sings of Lack of Opportunities for Facebook Generation in the Arab World: Help Me Get a Visa Before I Go Crazy!

#2880 | 03:15
Source: The Internet

Following is the transcript of a song titled "Bored in Saudi Arabia," written and performed by Saudi songwriter Alaa Wardi, which was posted on the Internet and accessed on March 4, 2011:

Alaa Wardi: I am Alaa Wardi, and I'm living in Saudi Arabia.

I eat, I drink, I sleep, and I spend the night on Facebook.

I'm so bored that I wrote this song,

And eight other songs like it, which I threw into the garbage bin.

Oh people, save me!

Oh people, get me a visa!

Oh people, cut my hair before I go crazy.

I've been living in Riyadh for nine months.

I haven't seen any girl for a long time.

I wanted to go to Canada, but they denied me a visa.

The man said: "Go away, you stinking Iranian," so I told him to @[email protected]#$#!

Oh people, save me!

Oh people, get me a visa!

Oh people, help! Help! Before I go crazy.

I'm going crazy!

They got the idea…

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