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Jul 20, 2022
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Saudi Sociologist Abdelrahman Al-Garrash: Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States Are At War With Homosexuality; We Should Fight It The Same Way We Fight Terrorism, Drugs

#9739 | 02:20
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

On July 20, 2022, Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) aired a debate about the legalization of homosexuality in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Washington, D.C.-based Saudi activist Wajih Al-Assad said that the Arab countries should no longer consider homosexuality to be a disease, and that they should fight "real diseases" like drug abuse and terrorism. In response, Saudi sociologist Abdelrahman Al-Garrash said that homosexuality should be fought in the same way that terrorism and drugs are fought. He elaborated that homosexuality is a perversion, that those who call for its legitimization should be classified a terrorist, and that the region is "at war" with "those ideological and sexual perverts."

Wajih Al-Assad: "The World Health Organization has been saying for over 50 years that homosexuality is not a sexual disease, yet we still deal with it as a sexual disease. At the same time, you have diseases like drug [abuse], or terrorism, which is man-made, and emerged from groups that seek political change, including the Islamic movement established in the Arabian Peninsula."


Abdelrahman Al-Garrash: "This is an ideological invasion. This is a perversion of human nature. Even animals, who are inferior to humans, are too disgusted to do these things. I do not understand how Wajih wants to legalize such perverts. They are perverse from an ideological, religious, and even human perspective.


"When a person lowers his ideological and human level to sub-animal standards, he should be classified as a terrorist.


"Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries have proven to the world their effectiveness in their war on terrorism and drugs. Indeed, we are engaged in a new ideological war against those ideological and sexual perverts.


"We are at war. Just like we fought terrorism and drugs, we should fight the homosexuals. Let us show society... the media and the reformists should play their role now. We must tell them: 'These [homosexuals] endanger you as a society.'


"Wajih and others like him want there to be a law that forces society to respect them. Brother, we respect you as a human being, but when you want us to lower ourselves to sub-animal levels — let me tell you and people like you: You have no place among us, in the Arab region, the Arabian Peninsula, and among the people of the Gulf."

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