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Mar 12, 2004
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Saudi Sheikh, 'Awadh Al-Qarni: America is the One Who Made the World Its Enemy

#6 | 03:45
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The Saudi-based religious channel, Iqra TV, aired an interview with Saudi cleric, 'Awadh Al-Qarni. Following are excerpts from the interview

Moderator: Why are you against anything that is American? Honestly.

Sheikh Al-Qarni: Yes, yes, yes. The truth is that this position regarding America was not conceived in a vacuum. I think this is the position that agrees with who I am, my faith, and my roots. I think this position is not only my position; rather, it is the position of the majority of the peoples of the region, its thinkers, its intellectuals, and even its common people. I'm not against everything that comes from America. Anything that comes from America and fulfills my interests, suits my religion, my faith, and my values and does not offend my honor as a Muslim - I accept it.

But America's oppression of the world's nations, black history and the ugly face America is known for in our region - the most clear expression of which is the illegal adoption of the foundling infant - Israel and imposing it through iron and fire on our peoples and sons - makes anyone who has a grain of honor or pride remaining in his heart feel insecure about what comes from America. In the past decades America's support of the Jewish entity reached two trillion dollars from the American taxpayer in order to drive it like a poisoned dagger into the heart of our nation and its future; America, which against the entire world's opinion, provided political cover to Israel.

Furthermore, reality shows that America is behind all problems. The military coups, even those that carried the leftist banners of Socialism - documents now prove that America is behind them. Disputes in our region- America is behind them, one way or another. Resource exploitation in our region - America is behind them, one way or another. What made the Brazilians for example, take to the streets wearing Osama bin Laden t-shirts? Was it not the will for revenge against America? America is the one who made the world its enemy. I didn't make myself America's enemy.

True, we as Muslims have fundamental positions toward those whom the Koran told us are hostile towards us (i.e. Jews and Christians), but these are general positions. When we reach the details we see the compassion, justice and equality our history is rich with. But nowadays, we are in an era in which we suffer tragedy, pain and beatings. I am not saying we should be unjust towards America or hurt Americans undeservedly- neither in their country nor in ours. But I say we should not turn into the kind of victims that suffer all kinds of torture, persecution, and oppression and derive pleasure from them, otherwise, we will become mentally handicapped, not able to live as equals.

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