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Jun 25, 2004
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Saudi Sheik Saleh Bdeir, Friday Sermon, Al-Madina: The Enemies of Islam, the Jews, the Christians... Never Cease Attacking the Islamic Nation

#157 | 02:27
Source: Cannel 2 (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at the Al-Nabawi Mosque in Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia, delivered by Sheik Saleh Bdeir:

Sheik Bdeir: Oh Muslims! The enemies of Islam, the Jews, Christians, atheists, and those from among the infidel Westernized who are enslaved by them within the Muslim community, never cease attacking the Islamic nation in the media, and through messages whose content is not hidden.

Their goal is to shake the nation's faith, destroy its morals, eradicate its identity, and divert it from its calling.

How did the Muslims deal with these attacks? Did they shut the doors to them? Did they wage true Jihad against them? Did they take adequate measures to prevent the spread of evil and corruption?

Many of the Muslims, out of deficient knowledge of Allah's religion, and out of a lack of awareness and alertness, opened their countries, their shops, their homes, and their hearts to these external trends and abandoned their society to an infidel and rebellious nation?

Oh Muslims, you are too beloved and supreme, too precious and dignified to descend from the heavens to the level of imitating nations that are infidel, sinning, wretched, miserable, confused, and lost - nations that pursue their urges and sacrifice their lives for their pleasures.

Allah honored you with the grandest religion and the best of prophets, Muhammad. Allah brought down to you the best of books. Thank Allah for what He has given you. Confront your enemies' efforts with greater and stronger efforts, before these enemies become stronger.

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