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Dec 19, 2004
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Saudi Sheik Muhammad Al-Sharif Reminisces about Italian Occupation of Libya: Graziani Threw Sheiks from His Plane and the Italians Raped 200 Women, Both Virgins and Non-Virgins

#446 | 06:29
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a lecture by Saudi cleric sheik Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif:

Al-Sharif:The anthem of the fighting Italian army went like this: "Pray, mother and don't be sad, be joyous and hopeful, I am going to wipe out the damned nation and to fight against the religion of Islam. I am going to erase the Koran. I am going for the glory of Italy, and if someone asks you: "Why don't you grieve for your son?" Then answer: "He fell fighting the Muslims." This is a song that the soldiers would sing to raise their morale during combat.

During the Italian landing in Libya, the Italians killed, in Tripoli alone, more than 5,000 men, women, and children, who did no wrong. [The Italians] did this out of evil and a will to intimidate. They sent the Libyans a long letter, in which they informed them that "we are coming to rescue you from the despised Turkish occupation." My brothers, listen how they embellish the words and distort the facts. Meaning, they came to remove the Muslim Ottoman state, with all its problems and flaws, in order to brandish the cross in Muslim countries. This is an unacceptable logic.

They sank in the Libyan mire and couldn't get out of it. It became the laughing stock of Europe. What did it do? Mussolini, the great tyrant, founder of the Italian fascist party, by then was in power, and caused trouble for the Europeans. As you know, he was a great tyrant and dictator. Eventually he was hanged and went to hell. Mussolini sent commander by the name of Graziani. An army general named Graziani to replace the previous general, under the command of a man named Badoglio, who was the Italian governor. Graziani was a racist, hateful, zealous Christian, a fascist – that is, a member of Mussolini's Italian fascist party. Graziani was very arrogant, and was despicable in dealing with the people. He had no honor, humanity, or compassion. He did the most despicable things in Italy. His term lasted 20 months, only 20 months, in which he succeeded in besieging the Sanusi Mujahideen, headed by Omar Al-Mukhtar. He eliminated Omar Al-Mukhtar with cunning and deception, as they always do. 20 months, in which the Libyans underwent every kind of torture. He used to round up the Libyans and say to them: "I give you three options: the ship," by which he meant deportation to Italy. "Four meters," by which he meant the gallows, "or bullets. I give you no other option." Just like that, with great arrogance and racism.

Graziani built a fence, 300 kilometers long, just as the brothers of apes and pigs are trying to build in Palestine. A 300- kilometer long fence along the Libyan-Egyptian border when he captured Al-Kufra. How did Graziani capture Al-Kufra? He entered when only old people, women, and children were present. Most of the Mujahideen were out of Al-Kufra. There were a few young men, only a few hundred, against the entire Italian army, armed with planes etc., which entered Al-Kufra. What did (Graziani) do when he entered? He took 200 women, virgins and non-virgins, and the Italians raped them in the nights following the occupation of Al-Kufra. He murdered 15 sheiks of the Sanusi and other tribes. What did he do? He took them on a plane to a height of 400 meters circling over Al-Kufra and he threw them, one by one, from the plane. When they hit the ground the Italian soldiers applauded with joy and drunken merriment. They watch a man falling 400 meters from a plane, and when he hits the ground and is ripped apart, obviously – what do they do? They are happy, singing and laughing. This is the modern European culture. These are their human rights. This is European pride in the modern age, and this is what they do. It reminds me of ancient Rome, when the Romans would gather in the amphitheater in Rome. They would bring the poor salves, and would set upon them hungry lions, which hadn't eaten in days. All the Romans, their women, and children in the amphitheater, you know the amphitheaters, would all watch, they'd watch the lions devour the poor defenseless slaves, and they were all happy, drunkenly singing and dancing in the amphitheater. This is their culture…

This is the culture they want to spread in Libya. (Graziani) was famous for his flying courts. What are flying courts? He had a plane, and along with several military judges, he'd fly all over Libya. He would land in a village or a town, in his small plane, round up the people in the main square, bring out the Sanusi Mujahideen, and try them in a speedy trial. In 5-10 minutes the military judge would sentence them. They would slaughter them, or shoot them, or hang them, and then board the plane and head somewhere else. He spent 20 months in Libya, and killed 30 daily. Every day he killed 30 people in his flying courts. The military governor of Tubrok, rounded up the people, took a Koran and started stomping and jumping on it, saying: "You will never become human beings, unless you abandon the Koran". This is Italian rule. Badoglio, the Italian governor-general in Lybia, ordered that all the tiles of his palace… He ordered that his palace hall be covered with tiles bearing the name of Muhammad, the best among all humans. Each tile had the name of Muhammad, so that people would step on him as they came and went. This was Badoglio.

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