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Jul 21, 2004
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Saudi Sheik Al-Sidlan on Women's Reward in Heaven

#188 | 01:27
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Sheik Dr. Saleh bin Ghanem Al-Sidlan, a professor at Imam Mahmoud bin Sa'ud Islamic Memorial University, appeared on a religous ruling show on the Saudi-based religious station Iqra TV and responded to a question from a viewer about women's reward in heaven. The following are excerpts:

Host: In her last question, this woman asks, "We know that men receive a reward in heaven in the form of black- eyed virgins but what do women get and what are the good deeds of this world and the afterworld?

Sheik Al-Sidlan: About the black-eyed (virgins) and the believing women - the believing women become more beautiful and younger than the black-eyed (virgins). Besides, if a husband of a certain woman is a dweller of heaven, then he will be her husband (in heaven). If she was married to several husbands, she can choose the one with the best character.

If she was married to two or three, and they are all in heaven, she can choose the one with the best character among them. If she was married to one husband and he is on the same heavenly level as she is, then he will be her husband. If he is on a lower level and she is on a higher one, he is elevated to her and becomes her husband. If she is on a lower level than his, he is her husband and she is his wife (in heaven) and she is elevated to his level out of respect to her.

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