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Dec 18, 2017
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Saudi Researcher Abdelhameed Hakeem: I Visited Jerusalem; Israeli Society Wants Peace

#6350 | 02:13
Source: BBC Arabic (The UK)

Abdelhameed Hakeem, General Manager of the Jeddah-based Middle East Center for Strategic and Legal Studies, talked about his visit to Ramallah and Jerusalem, in which he met Israeli dignitaries and peace activists, and said that "we agreed that the missing link is the absence of trust" and that "there will never be trust without dialogue." Speaking on BBC Arabic on December 18, he said that political Shiite Islam was "peddling the blood" shed in Gaza for the sake of Iran's political gains. "This is a false victory gained over the dead bodies of the Palestinians," he said.

Host: "Who do you consider to be the greater enemy of Saudi Arabia today – Iran or Israel?"

Abdelhameed Hakeem: "Good evening. Saudi Arabia has adopted a resolute policy to restore the Arab role in the region, and to confront the Nazi policies of the Iranian regime, which has torched the region, using political Shiite Islam and sectarianism to infiltrate the fabric of Arab societies, turning them into arenas ripe for civil war.


"I visited Ramallah and Jerusalem, and I met with the former Israeli deputy foreign minister, as well as with Knesset members, and members of the Combatants for Peace NGO in Israel. Their goal is to achieve peace. We agreed that the missing link is the absence of trust. There will never be trust without dialogue. Israeli society wants peace... Just a moment, let me finish... Israeli society is the only one in the region where citizens can exert pressure for peace on the political decision-makers, by means of the ballot box, if they become convinced that peace will give them legitimacy and security.


"When I visited Ramallah and the West Bank, I saw the wretched lives of the Palestinians. We must stop peddling a false victory in Gaza. What is happening now... The blood that has been shed in Gaza is being peddled by political Shiite Islam for the sake of the political gains of Iran. This is a false victory gained over the dead bodies of the Palestinians."

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