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Jul 01, 2004
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Saudi Professor Sa'd Al-Shaharani Reviews America's Historical Record of Terrorism

#145 | 03:18
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Sa'd bin 'Ali Al-Shaharani, a professor at Um Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia appeared on the Saudi-based channel, Iqra TV, and accused the US of terrorism. Following are excerpts:

America's terrorism record is unparalleled by that of any other country in the world. America has terrorism within its borders and beyond them. Of the terrorism within its borders, Sheik 'Abdallah, we can bring examples, and first and foremost are the Indians.

For the Indians, we can say that the 18th and 19th centuries were a time of annihilation in the American continent. This is the first thing. The Indians' story is long, and we cannot elaborate on it here, but we will mention some of the torture methods. The first Americans, who originally emigrated from Europe to America, saw themselves as the Chosen People that came to cleanse this land of these Indians. They came with this ideology. Noam Chomsky says: "Why I am here?Because millions of Indians were murdered in this place." George Washington, who was the founder of the US, said that driving out the Indians is like driving wild beasts out of the jungle. Like driving wild beasts out of the jungle. When the Indians would hear the name George Washington, they would quiver in fear. They were afraid of him like you would be afraid of a preying beast, because of what he did to them. Those Americans would burn villages and destroy towns. They used...

Moderator: All right. We want to show people that the Americans are not so different from the supporters of Takfir, in their bloodiness.

Professor Al-Shahrani: There is no comparison, Sheik 'Abdallah. How many people were killed in Saudi Arabia by the supporters of Takfir? Since the first bombing in 1416 (1995 A.D.), how many have they killed? Hundreds. On the other hand, (the Americans) killed millions. Millions. Look at how many Indians they killed. They annihilated them. This man called Andrew Jackson, whose picture appears on the 20-dollar bill, used to mutilate corpses. He would say, "Count the dead, for me, by cutting off their noses and ears." They would cut off their noses and ears. In one night 1,100 Indians. They sent them blankets contaminated with the smallpox in order to totally annihilate them.

This was their story with the Indians. As for the blacks, their story is long, Sheik 'Abdallah, very long. The blacks still suffer very much, to this very day. As you know, they used them for agriculture, especially in the South, because there were farms in the south of the US, and that is what they brought them for. They brought them from the African continent, so they could work in agriculture, and after much suffering and many struggles with the whites, the blacks eventually achieved freedom, but what did they need to go through? They needed to go through struggle. Even today, do the blacks in America get the same treatment as the whites? This is what the whites say. But the prisons are crowded with blacks and there is mutual violence between the blacks and the whites in America.

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