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May 05, 2004
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Saudi Professor, Hanaa Mutlaq, on Education to Extremism in Saudi Arabia

#56 | 01:01
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Hanaa Mutlaq, Professor of Psychology at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia appeared on Channel 1 of Saudi TV and discussed the issue of education in Saudi Arabia. Following are excerpts from her comments:

Dr. Mutlaq: Our problem is internal, our society is exploding from the inside because the education system is wrong, the perception of religion is wrong, there is extreme fear, people are afraid. They have been brainwashed, it is easy to brainwash them. We made them who they are. We have made our children easy prey for anyone who wants to brainwash them, because we have trained them to obey. A child should? This is an answer to the question how to behave with children. When he comes to ask a question, one should not give him the answer. We must say, go and find the answer. In school and at home the child is under oppression and we only teach him to listen. During his studies his mind becomes empty and it is ready to be filled with answers and nothing more.

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