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Aug 08, 2004
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Saudi Professor Al-Khudheir on the Rampant Sexual Activity of Western Children

#210 | 54
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi professor Muhammad 'Abdallah Al-Khudheir of Al-Imam University spoke on the Saudi Al-Majd TV about Western Culture. The following are excerpts:

Prof. Al-Khudheir: I have read in books that an American businessman set a prize for any girl who reached 17 and was no longer a virgin? Excuse me, and was still a virgin. But he couldn't find anyone. Moreover, I'm speaking from personal experience about a worse situation. I asked about modesty in Western countries and was told that it only existed in rural areas or in girls less than five years of age.

Host: Is this how it is in Western culture?

Prof. Al-Khudheir: Yes, this is Western culture. The mother and father encourage their boys and girls to fornicate. They need medical examination if they reach 15 without having had relations.