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Nov 13, 2005
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Saudi Professor Ahmad bin Rashed bin Said on U.N. Resolution to Commemorate the Holocaust: U.N. Resolutions Are Not Sacred

#926 | 03:34
Source: Al-Ikhbariya TV (Saudi Arabia)Al-Ekhbariya (Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi professor of political science Ahmad bin Rashed bin Said, which aired on Al-Ikhbariya TV on November 13, 2005

Professor Bin Said: People talk, for instance, about "international legitimacy." Criticizing international legitimacy (i.e. U.N. resolutions) has become... International legitimacy has become like the myth of the Holocaust. We've come to discuss the Holocaust, but haven't. The Holocaust is a myth with a certain political agenda. International legitimacy has also become a sacred icon. It's untouchable.

What has international legitimacy given us? International legitimacy has allowed the existence of Israel. International legitimacy has accepted Israeli occupation. It hasn't stopped the occupation or made it withdraw. It hasn't changed a thing for decades. International legitimacy has shackled a nation of four million in the Balkans, and prevented it from defending itself, until 300,000 of them were killed – most of whom were men. It has become a nation without men, almost. That's international legitimacy! Today, in the name of international legitimacy, they are trying to hunt down another Arab country, in order to help Israel. They want to kidnap Syria... They are like a predator with prey caught in its mouth and blood dripping from between its lips. Then all that's left to do is to devour it. This is the situation in which Syria finds itself today. They want to devour it, and in the name of international legitimacy, no less.

We must say that international legitimacy is not sacred. Why? Because there's nothing internationally legitimate about it. It's a minority, which, by the way, runs counter to democracy. It's a minority of five hegemonic countries, which control global decisions by force – to the point that U.N. General Assembly resolutions are overruled by the minority's resolutions. In other words, a minority controls the fate of the majority in this world. So how can we possibly legitimize this?

We must reject this resolution. We must not adopt it, and we must say that more than one holocaust have been committed against our peoples, even in modern times – if we decide to put ancient times behind us. We must ask, in all innocence: 300,000 people were killed in Bosnia – is this not a holocaust? Many massacres were committed throughout history, but they say... Do you know what they say? They say that the Holocaust is unique, unequaled, and can never happen again, and cannot be compared to any other massacre in history. One Jewish rabbi even said: [in English] "Holocaust can never be over." They want to inflate it with a lot of propaganda and pain.

If the U.N. wants to talk about the Holocaust, or about massacres... This is not the role of the United Nations. Let the U.N. talk about the Crusades, about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by the European Crusaders throughout the Islamic world. Let the U.N. discuss the massacres committed against the Muslims in Andalusia, in Muslim Spain. Let it discuss many things. It is not for the U.N. to discuss history. Let it talk about reality, about avian flu, International Tree Day, about the international day of action against AIDS... That sort of thing. But when the U.N. discusses the Holocaust that is part of the policy of force, the policy of hegemony, and of imposing facts on the ground.

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