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Feb 13, 2022
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Saudi Political Analyst Ahmad Al-Rokban In Support Of Saudi Ties With Israel: Iran Is The Most Dangerous Country Of This Age

#9380 | 01:18
Source: Al-Ahd TV (Iraq)

Saudi political analyst Ahmad Al-Rokban, the director-general of the media department at Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, said in a February 13, 2022 interview on Al-Ahd TV (Iraq) that Iran is "the most dangerous country in this day and age." When asked about Saudi Arabia receiving help from Israel, Al-Rokban replied that Saudi Arabia receives help from other non-Muslim countries that "occupy other countries," like America and Russia. He elaborated that Israel is not the only "plunderer," and pointed out that in the opinion of the Saudis, Iran plunders Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Bahrain.

Ahmad Al-Rokban: "You may think that Israel, which plunders the Palestinians, is the only plunderer, but I believe, and the people of Saudi Arabia in general believe, that Iran is plundering Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Bahrain. Please respect my opinion like I respect yours."


Interviewer: "You accept the help [of the Israelis] and are pleased about Bahrain doing the same, and this means that you are cooperating with them, one way or another."

Al-Rokban: "We seek help even from the Americans, and from the Russians. They are all non-Muslims. Some of them occupy other countries. Russia is about to occupy Ukraine..."

Interviewer: "According to your logic, we should be hostile to Iran, but not to Israel..."

Al-Rokban: "I am talking about myself. In my view, the threat of Iran to me as a Saudi, based on its past record and the incidents that took place even in Mecca and Medina... Well, yes. Iran is absolutely the most dangerous country in this day and age."

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