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Sep 11, 2006
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Saudi Koranic Healer Sheik Munir Relates Healing of Jinn-Possessed Girl, by Removing Large Quantities of Cloth out of Her Body

#1289 | 02:58
Source: LBC/LDC TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Koranic healer Sheik Munir 'Arab, which aired on LBC TV on September 11, 2006.

Interviewer: When a jinn talks from within a patient's body, does it use the patient's voice or a different voice? It is always said that a man is possessed by a female jinn, and vice versa.

Munir 'Arab: Anything may happen. Sometimes the jinn talks in the voice of a man, and sometimes in the voice of a woman or a child. Sometimes it barks like a dog or brays like a donkey, God forbid. All these things do happen.


Interviewer: There is a report about a piece of cloth, which you said you had taken out of a little girl, and you have many other stories.

Munir 'Arab: I did not take it out. The cloth came out by itself.

Interviewer: Explain this to us.

Munir 'Arab: By the way, my friend, I can show it to you. I have it with me. If I showed it to all the doctors in the world, and told them that that had come out of the womb, or the vagina, of an ordinary, married woman, they would never believe it - let alone when it came out of a girl who is a virgin, at the blossoming age of 13 or 14. When such a thing comes out of her, it is considered unnatural, of course. This is something that cannot happen in a human body. Yet it did happen.


Interviewer: The piece of cloth you are holding does not resemble the one in the report. Is it a different one?

Munir 'Arab: There are lots of them, my dear brother. Here, look.

Interviewer: All this came out of a 14-year-old girl?

Munir 'Arab: All this, look.

Interviewer: All this from just one girl?

Munir 'Arab: All from one girl, but on different occasions. It did not all come out at once. Today, her mother contacted me and said that the last part had come out from her daughter, causing her no problem.


Interviewer: Excuse me, Sheik, but is this girl still a virgin?

Munir 'Arab: Allah be praised. Allah be praised. Like I said earlier, I will never forget this girl. It is a miracle.

Interviewer: Sheik Munir, what did she suffer from? What were her symptoms?

Munir 'Arab: She was possessed by a jinn. The jinn used to send out small notes from inside her, on which it was written: "This girl will never marry." "This girl is destined to do abominable things." It wrote repulsive things, God forbid.

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