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Dec 19, 2021
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Saudi Journalist Saleh Joraibi Al-Zahrani On UN Draft Resolution On Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation: Homosexuals Are Deviants And Perverts Who Should Seek Treatment Or Retreat To Some Dark Corner

#9262 | 03:44
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

In a December 19, 2021 show on Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia), Saudi journalist Saleh Joraibi Al-Zahrani reacted to a UN draft resolution on gender identity and sexual orientation. Al-Zahrani said that homosexuality is a perversion, that anyone who is attracted to a person of the same sex should seek medical treatment, and that this is not a humanitarian issue. Al-Zahrani also said that the UN resolution is like a terrorist passing a UN resolution to permit explosive belts and killing civilians.

Mofareh Al-Shaqiqi: "Being a homosexual is your moral decision, and you are responsible for it. However, if you boast about your homosexuality and try to impose it upon society, and if you strive to legislate laws that would make it legal – that is not up to you. You do not have the right to pass such legislation, regardless of your [decision] to relinquish your morality. This is the Saudi position, with which we have confronted the world on several occasions. The last time this happened was in the United Nations. There can be no place for homosexuality, for the legalization of this perversion, or for people who take pride in their deviation from their natural constitution.


"Talking about homosexuality is nothing new – it is constantly being discussed, but why does it spread so intensively throughout the world nowadays?"

Saleh Joraibi Al-Zahrani: "Firstly, I do not call it ‘homosexuality,’ because it is an euphemism, which is meant to spread it among the people and in the media, and increase its popularity. In fact, this is a mental, psychological, and physical deviation, or perversion, call it whatever you like. There is no such thing as ‘homosexuality’ – Allah created people as male or female.


"When a normal person who was created by Allah as a man or as a woman wants to become perverted and have sex with a person of the same sex – that is a mental or psychological defect. We must tell such a person to go to a doctor, and endocrinologist or a psychiatrist, to seek treatment for this problem, without turning this into a humanitarian issue or an issue of liberties, in an attempt to tone down the labels of ‘pervert’ and ‘deviant,’ that natural human societies use to describe them.


"The extremist liberal democratic movement strives to confuse matters. The U.N. Resolution [on sexual orientation and gender identity] is similar to a terrorist who would try to pass a U.N. resolution allowing the use of explosive belts and the murder of civilians.


"This is a transgression against humanity, society, children, and the family. I hope that Saudi Arabia and those who stand with it promote a counter [resolution] criminalizing homosexuality and perversion. If you are a deviant, you can receive treatment, or you can retreat into some dark corner. But how many like you are there? One in a million? One in a thousand? One in a hundred? You are a minority. A minority should not force its values and thoughts on the majority and on the entire world."

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