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Apr 12, 2020
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Saudi Journalist Nadine Al-Budair: It Isn’t Racist to Criticize China with Regard to the Coronavirus; This Pandemic Is a Result of China’s Neglect When It Comes to Health; The World Has Earned the Right to Intervene in What Is Eaten in China

#7933 | 02:07
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi journalist Nadine Al-Budair said in an April 12, 2020 monologue on Rotana Kahlijiyah TV (Saudi Arabia) that it is not racist to criticize China's conduct or the diet of the Chinese people when talking about the coronavirus pandemic, since the virus has destroyed many lives, and caused the entire world to shut down. She said that this is all a result of China's neglect with regard to health and diet, and that it is not a matter of personal liberties. Al-Budair added that the world has earned the right to intervene in what is eaten in China, since this has been the source of several deadly diseases


Nadine Al-Budair: "I do not understand why whenever one of us criticizes the conduct of China with regard to the onset of the coronavirus crisis, someone shows up and says this is 'racism.' The whole world criticized the conduct of China at the beginning of the crisis. China itself admitted... The mayor of Wuhan recently admitted that they had not made enough information about the virus public. China extended apologies to the doctor who had exposed the disease, who was arrested and tortured until he died in unclear circumstances. The question is whether their apologies to the doctor are enough. My question today is whether the world, when the crisis is over, will quickly forgive China. It has nothing to do with racism. When [Muslim] extremists said that Allah had sent his soldiers to torment the communists, we rejected this altogether and said that these statements are extremist and racist. But I am talking about the conduct of a country that has caused the entire planet to shut down, destroying our lives as a result - even if it is only temporary.




"The nature of their diet seems to be unchanged. Don't call this racism. Regardless of China's neglect at the onset of the crisis... When the food consumed in a certain country causes several deadly virus outbreaks - the most recent one being the coronavirus, which is taking over the planet like no colonialist army has ever done... No world war can be that barbaric. In my view, this is no longer a matter of personal liberties. Today, the Chinese appetite has soured the [atmosphere] in the world, has thrown us into disarray, and has caused illnesses, deaths, and terrible economic stagnation. So I think that all of us, the dwellers of this planet, have earned the right to intervene in what the Chinese people eat, and in which animals, reptiles, and insects they consume. That is, if they want to continue to be part of our world order.




"Anyway, I am just venting my anger, and the anger of many others, because the world has fallen victim to China's neglect in health and food."

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