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Nov 22, 2016
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Saudi Journalist Mushari Zaidi: Obama Brought Humiliation, Frustration, and Terror Upon the U.S. and its Allies

#5778 | 02:40
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Saudi journalist Meshari Al-Zaidi hailed the victory of "the popular Republican bulldozer, the businessman Donald Trump" and said that "the sun of the American Obamite term is about to set." Speaking on Al-Arabiya TV on November 22, Al-Zaidi said: We Arabs, and especially KSA, the Gulf, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Sudan, should strike an alliance and make our voice heard in the New Washington," a voice that the Obama administration "deliberately refused to hear."


Following are excerpts:


Mushari Zaidi: After eight extremely hazardous years, the sun of the American Obamite term is about to set, after he and his ally Hillary Clinton were defeated by the popular Republican bulldozer, the businessman Donald Trump. Eight years ago, in 2008, Obama was carried on a popular wave to the presidency. This legal academic, intellectual senator, and liberal activist, with his emotional rhetorical capabilities, was one of the greatest phenomena of world politics at that time. Some people were happy that he was elected, not because they admired his politics, the danger and damage of which was later revealed, but because of the moral significance of a young African-American man of Muslim origins reaching the top position of the greatest superpower, America. He launched his term in the Arab world with his famous speech at Cairo University, which he started with the words "assalaam alaykum." Since then, we have seen no peace in the Arab countries.




The custom is that the "lame duck" president refrains from embarrassing the president-elect, who officially assumes his position in January. In this case, it is Trump. The incumbent president refrains from embroiling him in vital problems. He acts like a caretaker government, especially since he lost the cover of the parliament. However, the reality is that President Obama behaves like a gliding hawk. He continues to fly and to rush through his provocative policies, along with his Secretary of State Kerry, in an attempt to impose practical political and legal facts on the global and domestic scene, in an attempt to squeeze every last moment of his presidential term.




In the case of Yemen, Kerry behaves as if he hasn't heard of the historic Republican victory in America. It is as if he does not know that one of the main reasons for the victory of Trump and the Republicans is their promise to erase Obama's foreign policy heritage, which has brought humiliation, frustration, and terror upon American and its allies in the world.




We Arabs, and especially KSA, the Gulf, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Sudan, should strike an alliance and make our voice heard in the new Washington. The Obama administration deliberately refused to hear this voice for eight years. This should serve as a lesson to us. We should deal with the Trump administration from day one, and even earlier. As for the Obama era – Allah has helped us to pass it.


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