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Jun 11, 2021
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Saudi Journalist Jasser Al-Jasser: Hamas Does Not Care About The Palestinian Cause Or Liberation – It Only Wants To Rule

#8928 | 02:34
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi journalist Jasser Al-Jasser said that Hamas does not serve the interests of the Palestinian people, and that it only wants to rule. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on MBC TV (Saudi Arabia) on June 11, 2021. Al-Jasser said that Hamas does not care about pan-Arabism, Islam, the Palestinian cause, or the people of Gaza, and it does not care about liberating Palestine, in fact, he said, all Hamas cares about is entrenching its rule. Al-Jasser said that the Palestinian "resistance" factions have always been "back-stabbers," as evidenced by their actions in Jordan and Lebanon. He added that Hamas is connected with "Hizbullah, and its crimes in Syria and Iraq, as well as with Iran and its numerous crimes," and the Houthis, "at a time when they are murdering Yemen's children."

Jasser Al-Jasser: "All the Palestinian movements that were once involved in the 'struggle,' and are now referred to as the 'resistance' have always been back-stabbers. They have never acted for the benefit of the Palestinians. Always against them. They participated in assassinations, destruction, and sabotage. See what they did in Jordan in 1970 and what they did in Lebanon. Hamas has built hundreds of tunnels that cross the Egyptian border and are used for smuggling.


"Hamas has nothing to do with pan-Arabism or Islam. Iran has nothing to do with Jerusalem. It does not care about Palestine. Iran does not even mention Palestine in its books, and it does not care about it. Hamas says that it has ties with Hizbullah despite the latter's crimes in Syria and Iraq, as well as with Iran despite its numerous crimes. Hamas is also connected to the criminal and murderous Houthis, and honored [the Houthis] at a time when they are murdering Yemen's children... A resistance movement that is complaining about Israeli attacks is openly supporting the Houthis.


"Therefore, I believe that Hamas does not represent the helpless Palestinian people. It does not represent the poor people in Gaza, who suffer from poverty, hunger and the siege. It does not represent them. Even when it comes to rebuilding, [Hamas] wants money only in order to support its members in order to remain dominant. It only wants to rule. It does not want liberation, and it does not work for the Palestinian interest. This recurring spectacle is their nature.


"What has Hamas done for the Palestinian people and for Gaza? It refused to share the rule with the Palestinian Authority in a unity government. What has it achieved in the field of economy? The building of hundreds of tunnels? In what way has this helped the Palestinian people? Hunger, poverty, shortages, and unemployment are all interconnected. When Hamas controls the money, it does not want it for the sake of the Palestinians, it wants money in order to rule over the Palestinians."

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