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Jul 23, 2019
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Saudi Journalist Adnan Muhammad: Qatar Supports Somali Al-Shabab Terrorist Group; It Is Committed to Assisting Al-Qaeda and Its Branches

#7395 | 01:45
Source: Saudi 24 TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi journalist Adnan Muhammad said in a July 23, 2019 show on Saudi 24 TV (Saudi Arabia) that Qatar cannot be discussed without mentioning its relationship to terrorism. He said that Qatar has played an important role in the Somali Al-Shabab movement, which is a branch of Al-Qaeda, and he pointed out that Al-Shabab's deputy leader, Mohamed Said Atom, lives in Doha. He also mentioned former senior Al-Jazeera correspondent Fahad Yasin, who recently became the head of Somalia's National Security and Intelligence Agency. Muhammad said that Qatar has penetrated Somalia's politics and that it provides Al-Shabab with weapons, training, and protection because of its commitment to help Al-Qaeda and its branches. For a brief report about Fahad Yasin, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7377.

Adnan Muhammad: "When we talk about the Qatari regime, we have to talk about terrorism. They go together. You cannot mention one without mentioning the other. Qatar played a role in Somalia by supporting the terrorist Al-Shabab movement, which has been a branch of Al-Qaeda since its establishment in 2004. Many viewers probably do not know that the second-in-command in this terrorist organization, Mohamed Said Atom, resides in Doha. He's the second-in-command in the Al-Shabab movement, which is a branch of Al-Qaeda, and he resides in Doha. He is on the terror list of the quartet that is fighting against terrorism [in Somalia]. Qatar's penetration of the Somali political leadership enabled it to gain control. Fahad Yasin was Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Somalia, and he has now managed to become the head of the National Security and Intelligence Agency in Somalia, thanks to the bribes paid by Qatar and thanks to its interference in Somali politics. We all know about the ties between the political leadership in Somalia and Doha, as well as the meetings between them. So all the support that the Al-Shabab movement receives, in terms of weapons, training, protection, as well as help with anything they need – it all comes from Doha, because [Qatar] is committed to helping Al-Qaeda and its branches wherever they may be."

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