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Nov 12, 2016
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Saudi Jihadi Leader Al-Muhaysini: Trump's Election Is a Good Thing, As It Shows the Muslims the True Face of America

#5773 | 04:02
Source: The Internet - "Muhaysini on YouTube"

Saudi Jihadi cleric Abdallah Muhaysini, who is fighting in Syria, said that he considered Trump's election to be good for Muslims as it revealed the "true face" of America. "Trump has torn to shreds all the principles of which they used to be proud, and has revealed their true face," he said, adding: "Today, the war is not America fighting terrorists or jihadists, as some believe. No, [it is against] all Muslims." The video was posted on YouTube on November 12.

Following are excerpts:



Abdallah Al-Muhaysini: I do not think that things will change too much. The American president does not really rule America. The American president represents the American people. The American president represents his party. The Democratic Party has one ideology and the Republican Party has another. The Democratic Party tries to eliminate problems, while the Republican Party tries to escalate wars and to profit from them. The world has entered a period of new destructive wars and foolish acts. In my opinion, Trump is no different from Bush, except that Bush was killing softly, whereas Trump will kill out in the open. Obama is the same, except that he changes his colors like a chameleon, or like a snake that sheds its skin whenever it wants. But I think that [the election of] Trump is in the best interest of the Muslims.


Interviewer: Because Trump is the true face of America?


Abdallah Al-Muhaysini: Well said. That's exactly what Trump is. Trump is the true face of the American people. It is often said that the American people are nice, that they do not want to kill, that they have no understanding of politics, and that it is the president who destroys [other countries], while the American people are innocent and have nothing to do with politics. This cannot be said anymore.


Today, the [American] people elected someone who embraces racism, according to their own standards. They say that they do not discriminate between blacks and whites, but it is [Trump] who spoke in a racist way about women - even though [Americans] claim that they have freedoms and women's rights. He is the one who spoke in a racist way about blacks, while we [Muslims] say: 'There is no difference between Arabs and non-Arabs, except in piety.' So they are the ones who are racists and oppressors.


They say that they believe in freedom of religion, but they elect someone who says: 'I will not allow Muslims to set foot on American soil.' Setting foot on your soil is beneath the dignity of a Muslim, anyway. They say: 'We are the people who believe in human rights,' but they close their borders with Mexico, and do not let immigrants come in from there. Trump has torn to shreds all the principles of which they used to be proud, and has revealed their true face.


This is why I consider [Trump's victory] to be a good thing - Muslims will now understand the truth about the war. Throughout his campaign - and this is the most important point - Trump said that he would fight extremist Islam, and then he turned to the turban-wearing Rafidite, who was with him in his campaign, sitting next to him... This was meant as a clear message to all the people of the Gulf, and the Sunnis in Egypt, Sudan, and everywhere:


You no longer face an enemy that covertly fights Islam. Today, this enemy says, loud and clear: 'I am fighting Islam in its entirety.' Today, the war is not America fighting terrorists or jihadists, as some believe. No, [the war is against] all Muslims. Having a clear picture about the war is the first step in defense. American will use Iran to fight the Sunnis, and if the Sunnis do not defend themselves, I fear for their very existence, and I fear that it will be as bad as the days of the Tatars, or even worse. I am optimistic that Trump will make Muslims realize that America and the West are going to use Iran and the Rafidites to fight the [Sunni] Muslims.



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